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Medical Marijuana Card and its Importance

Medical Marijuana Card is a state identification card that allows the patient to purchase cannabis at state-licensed dispensaries for treating qualified health conditions or illnesses. Without a legal Medical Marijuana Card, the consumption or cultivation of marijuana is considered illegal. However, with a legal Medical Marijuana card, the patients can consume or cultivate marijuana at home with some confinements.
Medical Marijuana card
medical marijuana card los angeles

How to Get Started

Apply Online With A Qualification Form

Initiate the process of applying for a Medical Marijuana Card online by filling the assessment form with accurate medical details and get yourself registered online.

Get Endorsed

Post assessment; get yourself evaluated by the state-licensed healthcare professional after choosing the package for your card.

Receive Recommendation

Once approved, receive your recommendation through email. Download and save it for acquiring the benefits.





Ailments qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Los Angeles.

Individuals must obtain a medical marijuana recommendation from a state-licensed healthcare professional to acquire a valid Medical Marijuana Card.


Acquired Immune Deficiency Symptoms


Chronic Pain












Severe nausea

medical cannabis card los angeles
Medical Marijuana Doctor Online

Medical Marijuana Card Los Angeles

The passed proposition 215 has made the California first state to legalize the use of medical marijuana for treating ample ailments. Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act that allows the consumption and cultivation of medical marijuana with a state-licensed health care professionals recommendation. California’s department of public health has launched a Medical Marijuana Identification card program that verifies the patient’s authorization to acquire, cultivate, and consume cannabis in California.

Later in 2004, the California legislature enacted a senate bill 420 that was passed t clarify Proposition 215. This bill states that the patient’s medical records must be comprised of a written recommendation by the attending health care professional. Also, the patient has been diagnosed with some severe medical condition that makes the use of medical marijuana essential to facilitate the health condition.

Covers Lower Age Requirements

Individuals must have a medical marijuana recommendation from a state-licensed healthcare professional to acquire a valid Medical Marijuana Card.

Higher Potency Limits

A California Medical Marijuana Card helps you to get hold of purchasing medical marijuana from state-authorized dispensaries.

Higher Possession Limits

California restricts recreational users to possess only 1 ounce of cannabis, whereas medical marijuana patients can have 8 ounces.

Grow your weed

California allows patients to cultivate their cannabis plants for personal use. With a valid grower’s license, cultivate up to 99 cannabis plants.

Few facts on Medical Cannabis in California

California legislature defines medical cannabis as an agricultural product.

Being counted as an agricultural product, it does not necessarily give the right to farm to locals.

As per the state legislature, individuals permitted to use medical cannabis may also acquire concentrated cannabis for personal use.

California state legislature permits the local authorities to establish their own rules and regulations concerning medical marijuana.

State legislature laws allow the local authorities to pass ordinances concerning imposing taxes on cultivation, consumption, selling, purchasing, or possession of cannabis.

California’s jail authorities don’t require accommodating the use of medical marijuana but also cannot confine the prisoner to apply for a medical marijuana identification card.

Except for Sutter and Colusa, the remaining 56 counties of California participate in the Medical Marijuana Program.

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Plastic Personal Photo MMJ-ID Card

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Medical Marijuana Card CA

Los Angeles Medical Cannabis Laws

California is a liberal state that has legalized the use of Medical Marijuana for treating ample health conditions. The Medical Cannabis Laws in California are more lenient than any other state in the country. Though laws vary from state to state, Los Angeles has passed a few specific regulations as well along with the adoption of federal Laws.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Laws California

There is no state-wide registry program for the dispensaries in California. The driving force behind regulating the dispensaries in the Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Medical Marijuana. However, the owners of dispensaries are expected to acquire a seller’s permit from the Board of Equalization.

Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Possession Laws California

As per the Medical Marijuana Program, the confinements for possessing and cultivating medical marijuana are mandatory to be followed.

  1. A qualified patient may acquire not more than eight ounces of dried marijuana.
  2. Cultivate not more than six mature or 12 immature medical marijuana plants.
  3. Suppose the recommended quantity of medical marijuana does not meet the patient’s needs. In such a case, the patient is allowed to possess a certain amount of medical marijuana consistent with the patient’s requirement.

California’s Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA)

On October 09, 2015, Governor Brown transformed the Medical Marijuana Regulation Act into law that came into effect in January 2016. As per the passed act, a regulatory and licensing framework was given as mandatory criteria for the consumption, possession, sales, and cultivation of medical marijuana in the state. This implements the confines for indoor and outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana, track, and trace program for reporting the movement of medical cannabis and other requisites.

medical cannabis grower license

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