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What Are 420 Evaluations?

420 Evaluations is an easy online process to help medical marijuana patients obtain a Medical Marijuana Card.

420 evaluations provide a quick and easy way to acquire the legal permissions to access medical marijuana treatment legally, all from the comfort of their home. So, no more manual hassles.

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How To Get 420 Evaluations in Los Angeles, California?

Apply Online
Begin the process of getting an online 420 evaluation by filling up an online evaluation form with accurate personal and medical details. No prior appointments are required.
Get Evaluated By 420 Doctors
The medical marijuana doctor will connect back through call or video conferencing on the scheduled timings.
Receive Recommendation

Once approved, receive your digital recommendation through email. Download and save it for acquiring the benefits. Additionally, if you apply for a plastic ID card, you will receive it in 3 to 5 days.

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Money Back Guarantee

If not qualified, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Appointments Required.

Visit The State Licensed Dispensary

After getting your Medical Marijuana Card, Use your medical marijuana card to purchase medical marijuana products from nearby licensed dispensaries in California. Getting a medical marijuana card in California is often complicated and challenging with the manual process. But we have made it way easier than you think.
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What Does A Medical Cannabis Evaluation And Recommendation Mean?

A medical cannabis evaluation and recommendation is made by a California licensed marijuana doctor to verify if a patient seeking medical marijuana access qualifies for the treatment.
The medical board of California administers the medical marijuana evaluations and consultation process. 420 evaluations and recommendations can now be easily accessed in California with just a click.

Perks Of Obtaining A Medical Marijuana Card In California

The benefits of having a California Medical Marijuana Card are numerous. With a valid MMJ card, a patient will get hold of the following privileges:

  • Marijuana Tax Exemptions
    In several states, the sales tax is lower for Medical Cannabis, and consequently, you will need to pay lower prices for the preferred medical cannabis products.

  • Lower Age Access
    Medical Cannabis is only available to patients of 21 years or older, but with a valid Medical Marijuana Card, patients under 21 can purchase Medical Marijuana.

  • Access To State Licensed Dispensaries
    A valid medical marijuana card not only allows you to consume it legally but also lets the patients purchase quality marijuana products from state-licensed dispensaries. So, no more adjustments with the cheap products.

  • Access To Higher THC Products
    Several patients with certain medical conditions might require high-potency cannabis products to treat the debilitating disease. With a valid Medical Marijuana Card, you can have legal access to higher THC potent products.
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100% money-back Guarantee logo

Money Back Guarantee

If not qualified, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Appointments Required.

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Online 420 Evaluations in California

A medical marijuana card is a standalone document that permits a patient to access, consume and possess medical marijuana products within the state.

The California Compassionate Care Act, Senate Bill 215, and Proposition 64 suggest that marijuana patients and their primary caregivers may cultivate, access, and possess the medical marijuana to deal with a debilitating condition only after approved by a California licensed 420 physician.

MMID cards are the most convenient ways to identify that a California resident is qualified for medical marijuana treatment and has the right to possess, purchase and cultivate medical marijuana.

What Does A 420 Evaluation Include?

A 420 evaluation includes and provides the following benefits from your home’s comfort.

  • Telephonic or video consultation with a licensed marijuana doctor
  • 12 months written medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation
  • Instant PDF on your registered email address
  • 24 X 7 verification through online mode or phone call.

Qualifying Ailments For Medical Marijuana Treatment In California

  • AIDS
  • Anorexia
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Cachexia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Migraines
  • Nausea
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Seizures

We will keep you updated if any other medical condition gets added to the list.
So you think that access to medical marijuana treatment could bring a better quality of life?
Well, millions of people in Los Angeles think like you and already have legal access to medical cannabis treatment because they have obtained their medical marijuana card.

Then why don’t you?

Why do you keep thinking about it?

Well, if you also think that medical cannabis treatment can improve your health condition, then here’s the right way to start with obtaining a medical card in California.

The Ultimate Benefit: Acquire A Medicinal Marijuana Growers License In California Today!

Do you think you have to adjust with the generally approved quantity for every patient?

Well, not really!

The ultimate benefit of acquiring a medical marijuana card is that you can grow your own medicine at your home for personal use!

Yes! A medical marijuana card permits a qualified patient or caregiver to possess 8 ounces of dried Cannabis. It enables them to grow their Cannabis with a limitation of 6 mature or twelve immature marijuana plants at home.

But what if the patient’s health condition requires cannabis access more than the approved general quantity?

Well, that is where a grower’s license comes into the picture!

In case the allowed quantity is insufficient to meet the requirements of a patient, they can acquire an amount of Cannabis that is consistent with the patient’s needs.

They can get it in writing from the licensed doctor and access the license to grow 99 plants in California. And this license allows you to grow and access Cannabis more than the state-established limits.

Are you looking for a license to grow 99 plants in California?

Connect now with 420 medical evaluations!

Documents Required To Obtain A Medical Cannabis Card

  • A Medical Marijuana recommendation
  • A state-licensed ID card or a Drivers License
  • Personal health records (Not Mandatory)

Medical Marijuana Laws In California

California was the first state to permit medicinal marijuana use in the US. With the passage of the Compassionate Use Act in 1996, California’s government ensures that

  • Patients get high-quality medical cannabis products
  • The Cannabis must be kept away from minors or children
  • Medical Cannabis patients get more benefits than recreational ones in terms of product availability and pricing.

Please Note!!

420 evaluations online services are available 24 X 7, either by online consultation or phone. So, not to worry about the work timings.

Medical Marijuana Cultivation And Possessions Law In California

As per the Medical Marijuana Program, the confinements for acquiring and cultivating medical Cannabis are mandatory to be followed. This includes

  • A qualified patient may acquire not more than eight ounces of dried marijuana.
  • Cultivate not more than six mature or 12 immature medical marijuana plants.
  • Suppose the recommended quantity of medical marijuana does not meet the patient’s needs. In such a case, the patient can possess a certain amount of medical marijuana consistent with the patient’s requirement.

California’s Medical Marijuana Regulation And Safety Act

On October 09, 2015, Governor Brown converted the Medical Marijuana Regulation Act into law that came into effect in January 2016.

As per this act, a governing and licensing framework was given as mandatory criteria for the state’s consumption, ownership, sales, and farming of medical Cannabis.

This act implemented the confinements for indoor and outdoor farming of medical Cannabis, a track and trace program for reporting the Medical Cannabis movement, and other requisites.

Medical Marijuana Card California Useful Information!

California has a long legal cannabis use history. Before 1937, marijuana was legal in California but not re-legalized for medicinal purposes until 1996.

During this time, research on the medicinal potential of cannabis products took the time to excel.

Over the decades, California made a stride in marijuana legalization before any other state, and Proposition 215, known as the Compassionate Use Act, passed in 1996.

In 2016, the state passed Proposition 64 that permits recreational cannabis use by adults.

420 recommendations and 420 evaluations are still used for medical Cannabis, and with a medical cannabis card, you will also have a variety of marijuana products to choose from!

With nature’s curative remedy, the health benefits that can be acquired from it are numerous. However, to get the most benefit from Cannabis, a medical marijuana card is essential.

However, getting a medical card recommendation is the most complicated part of the entire process.

We can make it way easier for you by bringing it all from your home’s comfort.

Sign up now and receive your digital recommendation from your home’s comfort.

Benefits Of Obtaining A Medical Marijuana Card from Us!

Secure Online Process

You don’t need to go through the manual hassles, and all can be accessed 420 evaluations online through the secure online process.

Quality Control

With the marijuana grown in your space, you don’t require to worry about the quality of the medication. You will be the controller of the type, product, and quality you desire for.

Quick document delivery

Once you get approved by a medical marijuana doctor in California, you will quickly get your medical marijuana card delivered to your doorstep.

Privacy Guaranteed

Being HIPAA compliant, the services obtained from us guarantees Privacy, so none of your information will be shared with anyone.

Reliable Platform

While acquiring services online, it is essential to assure that the services you are receiving are a reliable source, and that is what you get while obtaining services from us.

Legal Security

Get your legal security for purchasing, cultivating, and consuming medical Cannabis in California.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions concerning medical marijuana card use?
Yes! Patients are at a greater risk of getting into legal trouble if they exceed the SB 420 guidelines.

However, the patients can transport their medical marijuana legally if the bag or original container is unbroken or sealed.

Also, if a person is not allowed to drive under the influence of any drug or alcoholic beverage.

Proposition 64 and SB 420 restrict marijuana smoking in no-smoking zones, including school buses, moving motor vehicles, areas within 1000 feet of a youth centre or school, and operating a ship/boat.

How much Medical Cannabis a patient can acquire, purchase or grow?
A California resident with a valid MMID card can cultivate six mature or 12 immature plants per residency and possess ½ pound, which is 8 oz cannabis.
Who can provide 420 evaluations online?
If you seek someone who can provide the 420 evaluations online in California, it’s time not to look any further, as our onboard state-licensed medical doctors can help you with this.

With the extensive knowledge and expertise in providing cannabis recommendations, the onboard doctors with us will verify if you qualify for the treatment and write a recommendation for the same, if approved.

How to talk to a medical doctor during the online 420 evaluations?
Once you are connected to a medical doctor through a phone call or video conference, you need to be honest about your necessity to access the medical marijuana treatment. Share everything with the doctor honestly, answer the queries and listen patiently to the doctor’s advice. This entire session will take 15-20 minutes, so you gotta be true with everything.
Do I need to be a resident of California to obtain a Medical Marijuanas Card?
Yes, all the applicants must be a resident of the state. They must provide a state-issued ID card or driver’s license to prove their residency or eligibility for obtaining the marijuana license.
Will my insurance programs cover any costs of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in California?
Unfortunately, no!! The insurance programs do not cover any costs associated with obtaining a medical cannabis card due to its illicit status on a federal level.
How do I obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in California?
Obtaining a medical cannabis card is easier than ever. Begin with an online application form, schedule an appointment with a marijuana doctor, get evaluated by the 420 Doctors, and on approval, receive your card immediately on your registered email.

As quick as it sounds!

Can any medical doctor issue 420 recommendations?
Nope! Only the medical professionals registered with the state’s Medical Marijuana Program can issue the 420 recommendations.
How long is my California medical cannabis card valid?
A California medical card is valid for one year from the issue date.
Can I grow marijuana in California?
Yes, you can grow your own medicine. With a valid medical marijuana card, you can cultivate six mature or 12 immature plants at your residence for your personal use.

California also provides the ultimate benefit of growing 99 plants with a grower’s license.

So if the requirement is more than the state-established limits, you can also produce 99 marijuana plants with a doctor’s recommendation and a grower’s license.

What do I need to provide for the 420 evaluation appointment with the Doctor?
Along with filling up 420 evaluations online form, a patient must provide the following for the evaluation purposes

  • A valid photo ID card
  • Medical condition records, if any
  • Any pills or medications you are taking or allergic to.
  • A letter from your Doctor (if any)
Are the California patients on any government lists?
Nope! Medical Marijuana patients are not placed on any government lists when they register as a patient. Instead, the patient’s information is not available to anyone other than the Department administering the Medical Marijuana Program.
What will happen during my online evaluation with 420 clinics, and how long will the 420 physical evaluations process take?
A 420 physician will

  • Examine you
  • Review your medical documents
  • Evaluates your medical condition
  • Assesses your medical history

The evaluation process is hardly a matter of 15-20 minutes and can be done quickly from your home’s comfort.

How to renew my medical cannabis card in California?
The California Medical Marijuana Card renewals are quick and easy. All you need to do is follow the same procedure that you have followed while applying for a new one.
Is it legal to get a recommendation online with a 420 card clinic?
Yes, our 420 MD is licensed to provide the recommendations online in California. They adhere to all the state and federal laws, including HIPAA. So, you do not need to worry about the legality of the recommendations.
When is your medical marijuana doctor available to look at my application?
Our 420 evaluation center is functioning around the clock. So, the medical marijuana doctors on board with us will be available to review your application at all times.

The 420 doctors will examine your health ask questionnaire before approving the recommendation.