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What is a Medical Marijuana Card?

A Medical Cannabis Card is an identification card that confirms that a patient is undergoing a severe health issue for which medical marijuana treatment access is essential. This legal document of accessing medical marijuana products is accepted at the various state-licensed medical dispensaries. With a valid medical cannabis card, a cardholder can possess, acquire and consume Cannabis lawfully within the state boundaries.

An MMJ card is valid for 12 months in ample US states. However, after the card’s expiration, a patient is required to renew it. For this, a patient must follow the same procedure that they have followed while applying for a card for the very first time. However, the medical marijuana laws may differ from state to state, which is why a patient must have complete information concerning accessing the medical weed with a card.

Medical Marijuana card

medical marijuana card los angeles

How to Get Medical Marijuana Card CA?

Apply Online With Pre-Qualification Form
Begin the process of acquiring an online Medical Marijuana Card by filling up an online evaluation form with accurate personal and medical details. Get yourself registered online.
Get Evaluated
After getting assessed by 420 doctors; get yourself evaluated by the state-licensed healthcare professional after choosing the package for your card. Make sure to be honest and calm during the conversation with the medical professional.

Receive Recommendation

Once approved, receive your recommendation through email.
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Qualifying Ailments for a Medical Marijuana Card in Los Angeles, California

Marijuana patients must obtain a medical recommendation from a state-licensed medical doctor to acquire a valid Medical Marijuana Card.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Symptoms

Persistent Muscle Spasms

Chronic Pain












Severe nausea

medical cannabis card los angeles

Medical Marijuana Doctor Online

Legalization Of Medical Marijuana in Los Angeles California

The passed proposition 215 has made the California first state to legalize the use of medical marijuana for treating ample ailments. Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act that allows the consumption and cultivation of medical marijuana with a state-licensed health care professionals recommendation. California’s department of public health has launched a Medical Marijuana Identification card program that verifies the patient’s authorization to acquire, cultivate, and consume cannabis in California.

Later in 2004, the California legislature enacted a senate bill 420 that was passed t clarify Proposition 215. This bill states that the patient’s medical records must be comprised of a written recommendation by the attending health care professional. Also, the patient has been diagnosed with some severe medical condition that makes the use of medical marijuana essential to facilitate the health condition.

Few facts on Medical Cannabis in California

California legislature defines medical cannabis as an agricultural product.

Being counted as an agricultural product, it does not necessarily give the right to farm to locals.

As per the state legislature, individuals permitted to use medical cannabis may also acquire concentrated cannabis for personal use.

California state legislature permits the local authorities to establish their own rules and regulations concerning medical marijuana.

State legislature laws allow the local authorities to pass ordinances concerning imposing taxes on cultivation, consumption, selling, purchasing, or possession of cannabis.

California’s jail authorities don’t require accommodating the use of medical marijuana but also cannot confine the prisoner to apply for a medical marijuana identification card.

Except for Sutter and Colusa, the remaining 56 counties of California participate in the Medical Marijuana Program.

Medical Marijuana Card Near Me

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Money Back Guarantee

If not qualified, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Appointments Required.

When Was The First Medical Marijuana Program Introduced?

With the unleashing curative effects of medical marijuana and its approval for medicinal use, people were looking forward to accessing the treatment.

But due to the stringent state rules and its illicit federal status, people were still unable to access the required amount of Cannabis.

Therefore, several states began to decriminalize medical cannabis use by passing several bills and acts. Each state started its own Medical Marijuana Programs to ease access. That is why they created a medical cannabis card service portal to allow the patients to register for the treatment.

Here is a complete list of the States offering 420 evaluations card services:

Year of Initiation State Name Administering Department Medical Marijuana Registration Program MMJ Card Services Beginning
1996 California Department of Public Health Medical Marijuana Program 9th Nov 2016
1998 Alaska Health Analytics and Vital Records Medical Marijuana Registry Program 24rth Feb 2015
1998 Nevada Department of Health and Human Services

Nevada Division of public and Behavioral Health

Medical Marijuana Cardholder Registry Program 1st July 2017
1998 Virginia Virginia Department of Health Professions Medical Cannabis Registration 1st July 2021
1999 Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services- Office of Marijuana Policy Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MMMP) 9th Oct 2020
2000 Colorado Colorado Dept. of Public Health Medical Marijuana Registry Program 10th Dec 2012
2000 Hawaii Hawaii Department of Health Medical Cannabis Registry Program July 2016
2004 Vermont Department of Public Safety Marijuana Registry Program 1st July 2018
2006 Rhode Island Department of Health Center for Professional Licensing June 2009
2007 New Mexico New Mexico Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program 29th June 2021
2008 Michigan LARA Marijuana Regulatory Agency Michigan Medical Marijuana Program 6th Dec 2018
2010 Arizona Arizona Department of Health Services Public Health Licensing Services/ Medical Marijuana November 2010
2010 New Jersey New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission State of New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program 22nd Feb 2021
2011 Delaware Department of Public Health Medical Marijuana Program June 2015
2012 Connecticut Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection Medical Marijuana Program 1st July 2021
2012 Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Medical Use of Marijuana Program 15th Dec 2016
2012 Washington Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program 6th Dec 2012
2013 Illinois Illinois Department of Public Health Medical Cannabis Patient Registry Program 1st January 2020
2013 New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Therapeutic Cannabis Program 11th July 2015
2014 Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services Bureau of Alternative Medicine Medical Marijuana Program 4rth April 2019
2014 Maryland Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission Medical Marijuana Program 1st Dec 2017
2014 Minnesota Minnesota Department of Health Medical Cannabis Registry Program 1st July 2015
2014 New York New York Department of Health Medical Cannabis Registry Program July 2014
2015 District of Columbia DC Health Department Medical Cannabis Program 26th Feb 2015
2015 Oregon Oregon Health Authority Oregon Medical Marijuana Program 1st July 2015
2015 Louisiana Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry Medical Marijuana Program 6th August 2019
2015 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Department of Health Medical Marijuana Registration Program 4rth May 2015
2016 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Health Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program December 2017
2016 Arkansas Arkansas Department of Health Arkansas Medical Marijuana Patient Registry Program May 2019
2016 Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use Medical Marijuana Use Registry 1st July 2017
2016 North Dakota North Dakota Health Department North Dakota Medical Marijuana Program 18th April 2017
2016 Ohio Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program 16th January 2019
2017 West Virginia West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources West Virginia Medical Cannabis Program 1st July 2019
2018 Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Missouri Medical Marijuana Program 17th Oct 2020
2018 Northern Mariana Islands The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Cannabis Commission CNMI Cannabis Commission Program 21st September 2018
2018 Oklahoma Oklahoma State Department of health Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority 25th August 2018
2018 Utah Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Utah Medical Cannabis Program 3rd December 2018
2019 US Virgin Islands Office of Cannabis Regulation Medical Cannabis Patient Care Program 19th January 2019
2020 Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services Medical Marijuana Program 3rd November 2020
2021 Alabama Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission Alabama Medical Cannabis Program 6th May 2021
2021 South Dakota SD Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program 1st July 2021

Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card in Los Angeles, California

Lower Age Requirements

With a valid Medical Marijuana Card, a minor of minimum age 18 can purchase marijuana in case of any qualifying condition.

Legal Protection

A medical weed card is a valid document covering legal permissions to access the curative remedy with such an illicit status.

Higher Possession Limits

California restricts recreational users to possess only 1 ounce of Cannabis, whereas medical marijuana patients can have 8 ounces.

Lower Prices

A person with a legal 420 evaluations card can possess a higher weed quality while saving money that is not possible while obtaining the same products from the retail counters.

Grow Your Weed

California allows patients to cultivate their cannabis plants for personal use. With a valid California grower’s license, grow up to 99 cannabis plants.

Legitimate Services

Functioning with legitimate services and a trustworthy stop for all your requirements concerning legal rights for medical cannabis.