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Get certified to legally acquire and consume medical marijuana with a medical marijuana card in Santa Monica.

If Not Approved, We offer a 100% Money-back Guarantee. No Appointments Required.

What is a Medical Marijuana Card and Its Benefits?

A Medical Marijuana Card is a state-issued identification card that enables qualified patients to legally purchase, access, and possess cannabis-based THC and CBD products for their debilitating conditions and treatments.
Medical Marijuana card
medical marijuana card los angeles

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Santa Monica?

Apply Online
Begin the process of acquiring a Santa Monica Medical Marijuana Card online by filling up an online assessment form with accurate personal and medical details.
Get Evaluated By Medical Marijuana Doctors
After filling up the form, access the 420 evaluations Santa Monica and get evaluated by state-licensed medical professionals. This will take about 15-20 minutes only.
Receive Your Medical Card
Once the medical doctor approves you, receive your medical card through email. You can download and save it from acquiring the benefits.
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Money Back Guarantee

If not qualified, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Appointments Required.

Qualifying Conditions For Medical Marijuana Treatment

Chronic Stress
Pain Syndromes









Severe nausea

medical cannabis card los angeles
Medical Marijuana Doctor Online

Medical Marijuana in Santa Monica

The Santa Monica city permits the Medical Cannabis retails with restricted on-site cultivation. Despite the state’s broader cannabis legalization, Santa Monica doesn’t allow the commercial distribution of non-medicinal or recreational Cannabis.

The City has also restricted the number of medical cannabis retailers. While Medical Cannabis was legal in 1996 in California, the government has the power to craft specific ordinances regulating licensed dispensaries within the borders.Under the City’s medical marijuana laws, retailers are restricted to the 2-mile confines of Wilshire Boulevard.

  • The medical cannabis outlets can be no larger than 2500 sq. ft.
  • The medical cannabis outlets cannot be within 600 ft of childcare, an early education facility, a school library, a park, or any social service center.

Benefits of Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in California

Although Recreational Cannabis is also legal in California, obtaining a medical cannabis card provides ample benefits. This includes:

Marijuana Tax Exemptions

Medical marijuana patients with a valid medical marijuana card can easily access the cannabis products from the state-licensed dispensaries by paying lower taxes only.

Access To Licensed Dispensaries

A valid Santa Monica mmj card permits you to consume it legally and enables qualified patients to purchase quality cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries.

Lower Age Access

Though the medical cannabis treatment is accessible to patients above 21 years or older, a medical cannabis card also provides legal access to minor patients.

Access To Higher THC Products

Many patients with specific debilitating conditions might require high-potency cannabis products to treat their debilitating conditions. With a valid Medical Cannabis Card, you can legally access higher THC potent products.

Recommendations We Offers

We’re are not only the fastest but are reasonably priced as well. We understand your need in tough times, and that is why we have prepared these special packages for you.

Digital MMJ Card



Digital Letter signed by medical marijuana doctor.


24/7 verification of Your MMJ Card.


1 Year Validity.

Grower’s License



Digital Letter signed by medical marijuana doctor.


24/7 verification of Your MMJ Card.


Hard Copy Delivered to Your Doorstep in 3-5 Business Days.

Authorization to grow up to 99 plants and possess 8 ounces or more.
Plastic Personal Photo MMJ-ID Card

1 Year Validity.

100% money-back Guarantee logo

Money Back Guarantee

If not qualified, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Appointments Required.

Medical Marijuana Card CA

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Santa Monica

We at Medical Cannabis Card Los Angeles aims to assist medical patients to legally acquire a medical cannabis card and access the medical marijuana treatment to treat their debilitating conditions.

We have a qualified and licensed team of medical marijuana doctors in Santa Monica that are well aware of the medical cannabis therapeutic benefits and fit to provide recommendations for the same.

The onboard medical doctors have helped countless patients by providing written recommendations for their health conditions. The services are completely secured and available 24 X 7, giving access to the legal process from the home’s comfort only.

About Medical Marijuana Card in Santa Monica

A Medical Marijuana Card Holder

A qualified cannabis patient or primary caregiver with a valid ID card is pursuant to Health and Safety Code 11362.7.

The Compassionate Use Act

The California laws are intended to endow the patients with protection to the seriously ill patients whose health would benefit from the medical cannabis treatment. The Compassionate Use Act provides an affirmative defense from the prosecution for possession of Medical Cannabis.

Medical Marijuana Program

California laws were passed to facilitate prompt patient identification and designated caregivers to avoid unnecessary arrest.
The MMP prohibits the arrest for medical marijuana possession in specific circumstances.
California Compassionate Use Act (CUA) was passed in 1996 into law with the majority of voters’ approval.
This act allows a qualified patient to consume, acquire, transport, or cultivate marijuana in California, only if:

  • Marijuana access is essential to treat severe debilitating health conditions
  • An individual has obtained a medical recommendation
  • And it is necessary for medicinal purposes.

This act also exempts the caregivers from staying protected from the legal issues of possessing, cultivating, or transporting medical Cannabis on the patient’s behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Documents required to obtain a MMJ recommendation in Santa Monica
  • An identity proof
  • A state residential proof
  • A signed medical recommendation
How much does a Santa Monica's Medical Marijuana Card cost?
The cost of obtaining a medical marijuana card in Santa Monica is $55 only.
How often do I need to see the medical doctor?
Visiting a medical doctor can be done annually for recertification purposes. However, you can always choose to get medical guidance in case of any issues experienced concerning medical cannabis consumption.
For how much time will the medical card be valid?
The medical marijuana card is good for one year. However, you must always get it renewed before the expiry date mentioned on the card.
Where can I buy marijuana if I already have an MMJ card?
You can purchase medical cannabis products at any of the licensed dispensaries.
Can I grow my own marijuana at home in Santa Monica?
Yes. Medical marijuana card holders can cultivate marijuana in their homes. They are allowed to grow up to 12 immature or six mature plants.
Will CBD oil get me high?
No. CBD oil generally provides non-euphoric treatment to qualified patients. THC is the compound that makes cannabis products high.
How much medical cannabis content should I consume for my debilitating condition?
A medical doctor is the best person to answer this. So you must always consult a medical doctor before choosing the treatment and selecting the dosage.
Is my medical information protected?
The user’s data and information privacy are foremost for us. Our platform and process are thoroughly HIPAA compliant, which means your entire information is safeguarded and will not be shared with anyone.
My debilitating condition is mentioned in the qualifying list; how can I start with obtaining an MMJ Card in Santa Monica?
Well, it is pretty easy and quick. All you need to do is fill up the above-mentioned online evaluation form, and the rest will get streamlined with the help of our professional team.
Do I need to be a California resident to obtain a medical marijuana card?
Only state residents can obtain a medical marijuana card in California.
Can I use my Medical Cannabis Card in California outside of the State?
Well, this ultimately depends upon the state you are visiting. If the state you visit has reciprocity laws, you can also use your medical card in that state.
But if not, remember, you are prone to trouble with legal issues. So make sure to have a complete piece of information about the reciprocity laws of the state you are planning to visit.