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Begin the process of getting a Medical Marijuana Card by applying online with an evaluation form with accurate personal and medical details.

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After submitting the evaluation form, get assessed by the state-licensed doctors. While the evaluation process, don’t forget to be honest about your medical need to access Medical Marijuana for treating your health condition.

Receive your recommendation online:

After getting approved by the state-licensed doctors, you will get your digital copy of the card through the registered email. A plastic ID card or Growers ID card will be sent in 3-5 business days.

Medical Cannabis

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Medical Marijuana Card

A Medical Marijuana Card is an identification card that allows patients to consume and possess Medical Marijuana legally. Acquire a Medical Marijuana Card and stay protected from legal troubles.

Why you need a Medical Marijuana Card?

Medical Marijuana Card allows some special privileges and benefits to the patients. With a valid Medical Marijuana Card, you will get hold of the following:

  • Access to state-licensed dispensaries: A valid Medical Marijuana Card allows patients to access the state-licensed dispensaries and purchase Medical Cannabis products legally.
  • Lower Age Access: Medical Marijuana access is available to patients 21 years or older, but with a valid MMJ Card, patients under 21 years of age can purchase Medical Marijuana products.
  • Marijuana Tax Exemptions: With a valid Medical Marijuana Card, give yourself a reward of paying lower taxes for your preferred Medical Marijuana products.
  • Access to higher THC products: Several patients with some debilitating health conditions may require high-potency marijuana products with a valid Medical Marijuana Card access the higher THC potent products.

Medical Marijuana West Hollywood, CA!

Medical Marijuana is making its way to get a legalized status in several states due to its natural remedial properties. West Hollywood has marked its presence with the legalization of Medical Marijuana for the patients requiring marijuana treatment for relieving the symptoms of a debilitating health condition. The consumption of medical and recreational cannabis is valid within the state boundaries with the following confinements.

  • According to proposition 64, marijuana patients can possess, consume and grow cannabis within the state boundaries.
  • Recreational cannabis users are limited to have one gram of Marijuana, whereas medical marijuana patients can possess up to 8 ounces with a valid Medical Marijuana Card.
  • A Medical Marijuana patient can cultivate at least 12 marijuana plants with a valid grower’s license, where recreational patients are limited to 6 plants only.
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includes instant Email Copy


Post-approval, Receive the digital copy of your Medical Marijuana Card in just 30 minutes


24 X 7 verification through email or call


Valid for one year



Delivery at Your Doorstep


Receive your digital copy of your Medical Marijuana recommendation in just 30 minutes, post-approval.


Get your Plastic Medical Marijuana Card endorsed by a licensed health professional at your doorstep within 3 to 5 days


Valid for one year.


A Plastic Personal Photo MMJ-ID Card.



Delivery at Your Doorstep


Receive your digital copy of your Medical Marijuana Recommendation in just 30 minutes, post-approval.


Get your Plastic Medical Marijuana Card endorsed by a licensed health professional at your doorstep within 3 to 5 days.


Receive a Growers license that permits to cultivate up to 99 plants and acquire 8 ounces of medical Marijuana.


Valid for one year.


A Plastic Personal Photo MMJ-ID Card.

Health conditions Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in West Hollywood

The list of qualifying conditions for having access to Medical Marijuana treatment includes:


Acquired Immune Deficiency Symptoms


Chronic Pain






Anxiety / Stress








Persistent muscle spasms




Severe nausea


Any other chronic or persistent medical symptom

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the possession and growing limits of Marijuana in West Hollywood?

A Marijuana patient can possess and transport up to eight ounces of dried Marijuana and cultivate six mature or twelve immature cannabis plants in personal space.

How much does a Medical Marijuana Card or a valid recommendation costs in West Hollywood?

Obtaining Medical Marijuana Card with Medical Cannabis Card Los Angeles is very reasonable and pocket-friendly. Get hold of the legal recommendation and Medical Cards for just $49.

Does West Hollywood's MMJ Program allow reciprocity?

West Hollywood does not accept recommendations or medical cards from other states. But California’s recommendations are acceptable in participating states.

How do I buy Marijuana in West Hollywood?

If you have a valid recommendation letter or a valid Medical Marijuana Card, you can buy the Medical Marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries in West Hollywood.

What is Grower's Recommendation Card?

A Grower’s recommendation card is like a golden ticket to cultivate Marijuana legally. It allows growers to grow up to 99 plants for personal use. Also, it is necessary to verify your local area for more details about what permissions are allowed for growing. A grower’s card will enable you to grow Marijuana as much as you require, but you cannot sell Marijuana without a specific license.

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Are you seeking an online legitimate service provider? Medical Cannabis Card Los Angeles can be a reliable stop for you. Drop all the worries about the medical card’s validness and receive your legal right at your doorstep to consume and possess Medical Marijuana. We has excelled in providing legitimate services online for years and has been a trustworthy stop for many. With Medical Cannabis Card Los Angeles honest services, get hold of the following advantages.

Schedule an appointment online with a state-licensed Medical Doctor to get evaluated for your debilitating health condition and receive your Medical Card at cost-effective prices.